The year 2020 (though it had originally started end 2019 in China) was marked with the appearance and global widespread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Recalling some of the conversation with my couples then, I assured them that it might likely taper off towards end of the year much like how SARS was back then. After-all, nothing of this severity and proportion had ever happened in the last 50 years (perhaps Spanish flu was of comparable or worse scale but that was 100 years ago).

Circuit breaker imposed in Mid 2020 was a big challenge to everyone in the industry. In particular, weddings and postponements were something we as vendors had to deal and grapple with. For the first time, at least 75% of the weddings in 2020 had to be pushed towards end of 2020 and 2021 (with some of my couple pushing to even 2022).

Towards the end of 2020  things were starting to look quite promising with the Phase 3 set in sight back then, and the restrictions were relaxed towards 8 persons per table in the banquet setting. It was all beginning to look normal with vaccines on the way, but alas the Delta variant would throw a spanner in the works. And with another round of Circuit Breaker in Mid 2021, things were seemingly back to the situation in 2020 with no end in sight. Thankfully, in the period I have managed to do more prewedding as banquets were looking to be extremely restricted (and many of the couple had even decided to do away with it due to the unending and ever changing regulations – which I totally empathise with them on).

Fast forward to 2022, the Omicron has emerged as the dominant variant over the Delta and despite vaccinations we do not know how long more before we can truly live with the virus aka endemic state. For the first time, in close to 2 years masks and social distance are the new normal and will probably be for at least another year or two.

Looking back, I have really missed shooting the afterparties at the wedding and all the craziness of the full on gatecrash pre-Covid.  Those days seem like a distant past now. Things are not so bleak though, because in turn most weddings have taken on a more intimate and personal touch. When couple had to downsize the guest list, they only invite those who are truly close to them. Despite the mask and restrictions, we still must find ways to tell story and capture the couple’s biggest day for them to look back and cherish.

For me, I find it apt after the hiatus that this Year in Review for 2020-2021 (afterall most of the 2021 weddings were from postponed 2020 wedding) is finally here. I wanted to share the journey, the story, that despite the challenging 2 years (and with no end in sight at the moment) that life is what you make it out to be. When things around seem bleak and despair, find out what truly is meaningful to you. I have seen couples who see the positive side of life and embrace the Covid weddings and make it fun despite all the restrictions. When you look back at it years down the road, it will surely make beautiful memory that despite all the odds you managed to overcome them. I will be there to be a part of your journey, through this together and praying for a better tomorrow. Take care and stay safe!

Disclaimer: All the photos have not violated any of the Covid-19 restrictions. Some of the one without mask on the wedding day were taken in early 2020 before the restrictions and mandatory mask kicked in


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