I first met Aaron and Rachel early last year when they were discussing the possibility of holding their wedding at Ahava (another really cool industrial venue I shot in June 2019) but ultimately decided to hold it somewhere else because of the issue pertaining the permit back then. They told me they secured Miaja Gallery instead and I was really excited because I’ve always liked shooting weddings at non-conventional venues (and an art gallery at that!)

Fast forward to the leap year of 2020, amidst the rising concern of the COVID-19 that threatened the world they went ahead with their small and intimate wedding celebration. There was no overly draggy speeches or programme just them spending time with their close relatives and friends, and we ended up spending the time exploring the shoot at the space itself (which Pei from Pei-Per was saying felt like we were doing a Styled Shoot – well I couldn’t agree more lol)

Makeup by Kat Zhang

Gown by Caramel & Co | Suit by In Personam

Styling by 8dec / Pei-Per

Tea bar by Kindred Teas


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March 30, 2020
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