What are your rates?

Please refer to Rates for the Full Rate Card. Promotion applies for a Combined AD + PWS package as well.


How many photos do we get and do you return the RAW images?

I typically deliver at least 500 images for a full-day wedding (10 hours). If your itinerary is jam-packed then you can anticipate more returned photos as well.

However, I do not return RAW images as it’s not an industry practice plus the set has to be colour corrected first.


Do you shoot alone?

I always shoot alone (for both wedding day and pre-wedding) as it is usually sufficient for most of weddings, unless you’re willing to top up for a second photographer (of which I do highly recommend Juan Chan subject to his availability though!). Typically I will advise based on the venue and scale of your wedding and whether you would benefit from an additional photographer on the day. Or else, just save yourself the money for the honeymoon and stuff!


Is this your full time job?

No, this is my part-time job. On weekdays, I crochet outfits for ants made of unicorn hair and rainbow sprinkles while practicing yoga on a sustainably-farmed, organic vegetable mat.

Just joking! Of course this is my full- time job. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Do you have backup equipment?

I always shoot with two cameras. When your wedding is done, the first thing I’ll do is to backup the entire set on my mirrored external hard drives so rest assured that your images are safe and copied.


When would the photos be ready?

Typically three to four weeks after your wedding and two weeks after your pre-wedding shoot.


I have a Pinterest mood board/I really like this shot by another photographer. Would you be able to deliver similar images?

No. I shoot according to my style, but if there’s another set from my portfolio that you really like, let me know and we can discuss that. Do note, however, that every wedding is different and unique in its own way so it’s not possible to exactly replicate the same image.
If you really like that photo taken by another photographer, you’ll probably be better off sending him/her an enquiry 😉


What is Advance Edit (under Pre-wedding Package)?

It’s basically a complementary retouch of skin blemishes and some other random stuff in the background that might spoil the otherwise perfect photo. However, do note that additional requests might not be doable depending on the complexity of the required manipulation. In general, I tend to avoid massive image manipulation preferring things to look natural (messy hair etc can be nice – it’s for the feel!)


What happens if (for some reason) you can’t make it on our wedding day?

In the extremely rare instance that I am unable to turn up due to illness or other reasons (has yet to happen though), I will arrange for another photographer to be there. Rest assured that I will try my best to find a replacement who is competent and whose visual style is similar to mine.


Do we need to provide meal(s) for you?

Yes please. It doesn’t have to the same meal your guest are having (although I certainly wouldn’t mind a seat at the table!) but a decent meal will allow me to have a quick recharge and be your Energizer bunny for the rest of the day. Ever heard of the news of the photographer who deleted the entire wedding photos after he was denied a meal? 😛


We want you to be a part of our wedding day! What is the next step?

Congratulations! I will definitely be honoured to be a part of your upcoming celebration too. I will send the agreement over after-which a confirmation deposit (50% of the package price) is required to lock in the date as well. Then closer to the wedding day, we can arrange a Zoom Call to run through the itinerary and say hello to each other (if we hadn’t scheduled one earlier before)


Are you keen to travel overseas to cover my destination wedding?

Provided I am not yet booked on that date, yes yes absolutely!! Please take into account that flight(s) and accommodation are an additional expense on top of the cost of photography coverage. Do drop me an email and we’ll have a destination discussion 😀 !