I was very impressed with Andri’s portfolio and loved the edgy relaxed style in his photos, so we chose him. Now, after seeing our wedding photos, I’m not just impressed but really blown away.

Bright colours, unique angles, and somewhat street-photography style aside… (All of which we loved), the most part is that Andri was able to capture all the moments, emotions and expressions on our wedding day. Those are really the most important and precious. I saw our own joy being mirrored, could literally hear the laughter of our guests and relive the emotionally intense moments captured on my family’s faces when looking at the photos. I’m blown away because looking at the set, I realise how quick and observant he must have been in focusing, changing angles and capturing many different people’s expressions and reactions.

I did initially worry that 1 photographer may not be able to capture enough variation and angles but that was not an issue at all because he was very versatile and quick. We also had very difficult lighting at night (outdoors with extremely poor light in some areas and market lights in other areas) but he adapted really well and the photos came out wonderfully – near perfect, I dare say. His rates are reasonable, and although he may seem very chill and relaxed, he is extremely efficient with putting the set together, replies very quickly on whatsapp, and really delivers on the final product.

(Tristan & Denise)


During wedding planning, I asked for advice from former brides, and there was one piece of advice I took to heart: pick the best photographer, because the photos are the one thing that lasts forever for the special day that goes by so fast.

I am incredibly glad and lucky to have Andri as our prewedding and AD photographer. To be very honest, he wasn’t just a photographer. He helped us think through how we wanted our special day to look like. He was present but he was invisible.

If you’re looking for a photographer who captures actual emotions and heartfelt moments, Andri has the ability to capture that; it’s magical when you see the shots he produces from totally unprompted scenes. It’s his ability to capture art in an image and to make you feel comfortable in your skin and around him that makes the biggest difference. Forget Benjamin Wheeler, sign Andri!

 (Farrukh & Bea)


I don’t even know where to begin to say how wonderful Andri is. His warm friendly demeanor put us at ease, touched by how he spend the time getting to know us too, (even before we signed with him) we signed on with him almost immediately during our first meeting. The moment we saw him get to work on our wedding day we knew we were in good hands.

We are generally very awkward in front of the camera but Andri made us feel very much at ease, giving us helpful cues to know what to do where to stand etc. I never thought that wedding photos could be so enjoyable.

During the actual ceremony he was super super efficient, especially with the group photos. We were truly impressed. He moved at lightning speed you could barely notice him throughout the ceremony. We received our photos about 2weeks later and we were blown away, the photos turned out above and beyond our imaginations! He captured all the moments of our wedding, the laughs the cries all of them! So many candid moments perfectly caught. He was so humble in receiving our compliments too.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Andri for helping us capture our wedding day ,we really could not have asked for anyone better. You have made our day a very special one. Photos were my #1 priority for the wedding and I am so glad to have entrusted it to Andri.

 (Jian Jie & Rachel)


Andri was nothing short of amazing and lived up to all the positive reviews that we read about him during our hunt for our AD photographer.

He was super prompt in his replies from the get-go. That really gave us a peace of mind and after our first meeting we knew that we could entrust him to capture moments of our big day which we could keep for life.

He was super fast and efficient in capturing shots during the AD. He was like a ninja on our wedding day – some shots took us by surprise as we didn’t even notice his presence! He surprised us when our edited photos were ready in just a week, furthermore he did not compromise on the quality and quantity of the photos. The amount and variety of photos he took throughout the day was as if there were 2 photographers covering our wedding!

For fellow couples who like his style, we would totally recommend Andri! He isn’t cheap but worth every cent. We are very happy with the photos and very thankful to have engaged him as our AD photographer. Thank you Andri for your great work!

(Yao Min & Hui Min)


We engaged Andri based on our wedding planner’s recommendations. We had no email exchanges with Andri but we did visit his website to get a feel of his style.

I adopted a rather hands-off approach. Told Andri – ‘surprise me’. He did an outstanding job, period. I feel artists need free reign to do as they please, that’s when their best creative work shows up. I’ve had so many compliments from the photoshoot that blew our minds away. He has a distinctive style. Honest and humorous. He simply captured the essence of the moment and our guests. We are so happy we made the right choice.

 (Michael & Leei-Hoong)


From the first moment I met Andri, I knew I wanted him to be the one covering the day. He was down to earth, relaxed, and made me feel completely at ease. I don’t regret the decision at all.

The box set of photos was given to us exactly a week after our big day – incredible shots and quality. He’d captured so many shots (from various viewpoints) during each individual part of the wedding that it looked as though there was a second or even third photographer.

All my friends mentioned they didn’t even notice there was a photographer snapping these shots – he’s incredibly stealthy! More importantly, there was not a single bad photo in the set he gave us – the shots were beautifully framed, gorgeous colours, and everything looked so ethereal. There’s no doubt in my mind Andri loves what he does and it translates well into his work.

Thank you so much for capturing our day the way you did. We were able to walk through the day again with the various perspectives of our guests, and ours, thanks to your beautiful work!

(Dominik & Nura)


Andri may be a quiet guy but he does some pretty explosive work. He is passionate about what he does and shows it through his work. We have met a lot of great photographers prior to choosing him as our wedding photographer.

What made us chose Andri was his sincerity in getting to know our story and his unpretentious personality. I must say it also helps that he is creative and has a good eye for detail. We absolutely love what he captured for us. Friends and family have expressed how beautiful and moving our photos turned out.

We are so grateful and honoured to have him as our photographer. If we get to choose again, we would still choose him, over and over.

 (Juren & Estee)


We engaged Andri based on the kind of ambience we wanted from looking at his past work.

He is friendly, patient and professional. We wanted a photographer who was ‘invisible’ during our wedding but yet able to capture precious moments. But, whenever you need Andri for a photo or two, he is always there. Every guests marvelled at the pre-wedding photos/video when it was showcased at our dinner.

He was able to capture the rarest moments and expressions of us, our family and friends. We are so happy that we have engaged Andri. It’s one of the best choices we have made for our wedding! If you want the best photographs to remember your special day, this man is the photographer for you.

(Thomas & Jane)


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